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The Virtual Halacha Program

Reaching new and more advanced stages in life should only ever enhance ones level of learning. However, we know that after yeshiva days, staying connected to a vibrant and exciting learning schedule can be difficult. That is why we have created the Virtual Halacha Program.

The VHP is designed for those who are serious about their learning and care about Halacha, knowing how to apply it, and retaining what they learn. Whether you are still in college, or well into a professional career, the VHP is designed so that you can easily build it into your own schedule; throwing you into a vibrant world of learning.

Joining the VHP brings with it a range of benefits, giving you the ability to continue to grow and gain the most from your seder. With a live weekly shiur and clearly presented maarei mekomot, you will be able to stay on top of your learning in a thorough, systematised way. Each week there will be summaries of what has been learnt, discussion boards to stay involved and all previous material and shiurim will be easily accessible and readily available to anyone in the program. 

There will additionally be an option of enhancing your iyun with complementary amud yomi bekiyus shiurim uploaded to the program. Joining the program immediately links you to the rich mesorah of the Halacha world; taught by Rav Ami Merzel, a close talmid of HaRav Avigdor Nevenzhal Shlit’a, the final psak halacha, worthy questions and disussions will always remain closely tied to mesorah. There is also a biannual live QnA with HaRav Nevenzhal Shlit’a.

What our Alumni have said:

Additional perks include:

A complementary bekyius program, following the iyun program, with accompanying shiurim and rav nevenzhal's Mishna Berura on screen.

coming soon keeping track with personal stats, chesbon hanefesh and more.

Inbuilt personal chat and conversations with rav ami and a specific QnA public board for each sugya.