Bekiyut Amud Yomi

In addition to our iyun learning, as a further requirement for those learning towards the semchia – and any one else who wishes – we are proud to introduce our new bekiyut program, helping you to complete אורח חיים שלחן ערוך.

The structure will be as follows:

We plan to cover an amud a day aiming for five days a week, although it is important to stress that no one should feel obligated to learn at this pace, or even in this order, this is how we will be releasing the shiurim. One does not need to listen to the shiur, but the minimum one should do is either listen to the shiur or learn the amud. The best would be to do both.

Your dashboard now contains a tab called ‘bekiyut’ under this there are the siman, and seifim, the corresponding page in the Mishna Berura, the length of each shiur, the file to download or stream and the main Mishna Beruras we recommend as a minimum for getting the essentials.

The topics will where possible complement the iyun learning the program is covering – for example, this zman we are learning bekiyut the Rosh Hashana Simanim which we are not learning b’iyun.

Each week beginning we will release that weeks recommended bekiyut shiurim.

Please feel free to be in contact with any further questions!