Some of our most frequently asked questions

Feel free to contact us with anything else you wish to ask!

Although we plan on having specific Beit Midrashim where there will be a concentration of people learning the sugyot, the beauty of the program being online means that you can be part of the Virtual Halacha Program from anywhere in the world.

The minimum recommended time to give each day is an hour plus the weekly shiur.

The program is geared to work around your schedule, which means that you can learn anytime; from early morning until late at night. The weekly shiur will take place on Sunday morning 9:30am to 10:30 am EST, however even this is recorded to ensure that if you can’t make it, you will not miss out.

We can try to help arrange a chavruta which will suit you best, either in person or online, helping arrange an ideal partner for your preferred time and skills.

There are summary sheets for each shiur, discussion boards and the ability to ask questions for those who wish to keep in contact with the Rosh Chabura. As well as this, on your personal login page will be an archive of previous Marei Mekomot, tests and personal stats.

In addition to the Iyun halacha sugyot, we plan on introducing a bekiyut program to complement what your learn and further broaden your knowledge of the Halacha.

At the end of each unit, a two week chazara is given, followed by a test. There will be summary sheets, chazara shiurim and QnA’s to help ensure maximum clarity. An additional feature which we will be adding in due course is a feature whereby you will be able to set personal goals, track and measure progress. The more time you put in, the more easily and clearly you will retain what you have learned.

Part of the beauty of the program is built in chazara, tests and summaries to ensure constant reviewal of the material. Obviously the more the better but even sticking with the program’s basic schedule will ensure you have chazara covered.

In both bekiyut and Iyun Halacha, we plan to cover all of Brachot over a year and a half and Shabbat in two and a half years. Interspersed through this time we will be learning Halachot pertaining to the chagim,  at the relevant time of year. We are starting with Shabbat.

The program is geared towards anyone willing to put in the work required to learn. Ideally you should be able to work through the Hebrew sources with a chavruta.

There is a smechia option for those wishing to partake. It will be signed by HaRav Aaron Bina Shlit’a, HaRav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg Shlit’a, and possibly HaRav Avigdor Nevenzhal Shlit’a.

Yes, please email to find out more.