Semicha Requirements

Welcome to the VHPs Semicha Requirements.

A complete semicha includes the עיון learning, tests and חזרה, which will all be covered within the schedule of the program. Additionally, we will be completing the majority of the remainder of אורח חיים בקיעות. The privilege and honour of achieving Semicha is no small fete, it brings with it new responsibility and prestige; besides the necessity of having a working competent knowledge of what one learnt, a ‘Rabbi’ must also be an exemplarily example of a Ben Torah. In this vein, we may also speak with your personal Rabbonim as well as yourselves over the course of the program, helping together to work towards this goal.
Below is an explanation of each aspect of the program.

Topics covered

The Semicha will be completed in two stages; first with הלכות שבת for two years, and after with הלכות ברכות and מועדים after another two years, combining to achieve a full אורח חיים Semicha. For your convenience, click the button below to view the topics in a more detailed manner.